Amazing coding toys available for borrowing at Pied Piper

By: Rosemary Bateman

Toys and games encouraging skills for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, with a particular focus on coding. Play is essential to all children's development and toys are a major element in helping to play. Children with access to a wide range of well selected toys are more likely to be challenged and stimulated.


Pied Piper Toy Library is a non-profit community organisation run by volunteer parents and other volunteers. We offer a large range of educational, age-appropriate toys, including puzzles, games, and outdoor equipment. Our toy library is committed to enhancing children's development through play and positive child/parent interaction. It provides a low cost, sustainable option for parents to offer their children equipment suited to their developmental stage and interests.


It strengthens partnerships within the community as families volunteer their time and have the opportunity to meet other parents in the area. It provides a vital service to families of preschool children to whom services are often scarce. It brings together families of many social and cultural backgrounds.